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Aya Takano

had a dream, in the aftermath of the disaster, water was gushing out from the mountains, and formed a pond. ”

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Marina Abramovic, Rhythm 10, 1973

In this piece, Abramovic once again explores the dynamics of pain, violence and self-destruction. In the first performance of this piece in 1973, she recorded the “rhythmic melody” of the sounds made as she plunged a knife rapidly between the fingers of her outstretched hand, changing knives each time she stabbed her hand- rather than the surface on which her hand rested- until she had used many knives.

Playing the tape back, she repeated the performance using the recording as a “score” to duplicate the same actions and injuries as the same moments. At once a feat of extraordinary concentration and a scene of repetitous self-mutilation, Rhythm 10 amplifies the way in which women sometimes engage in self-sabotage.

From foot-binding to obsessive dieting, diverse cultural energy has been dedicated to deforming women’s bodies, often with women’s own masochistic consent.

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Yet another sneak peek of my print set for tonight’s Super iam8bit show in LA. If you guys are in LA, make sure you check it out! The show is amazing, the new space is amazing.

The show opens tonight (7-11) and will run until Sept 10th.

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