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Gluten-free red velvet cupcakes. (Taken with Instagram at Papa Ganache)

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for ron swanson

After I went to lunch today

A couple hours after we went to lunch I started vomming everywhere and then took a 5 hour nap…what could cause such things?

I ate veggies wet shoes which is like french fries with awesome lentils, peppers, cheese & hot sauce. and a pita wrap with eggplant, french fries and stufffffff. FUCK, it tasted so good.

And WELP, now I’m awakeeeee. Time to do work, I guess, right?

Hi new followers!

There are SIX of you.  Hi! Last night was Erin’s birthday and it was mad fun, I also tried an amaretto sour for the first time and it was fucking DELICIOUS. I think my excessive drinking at Fredonia pretty much ruined my body because now every time I drink I get a horrible, horrible stomach ache. Damn you, black velvet.

For those of you who don’t know, erin is my best friend (and has been since the 8th grade). On tumblr she is LolaFernn ( She is 21 today! So exciting, and we’re going to amy’s place, I’m stoked since it’s my favorite place in the WORLD. If you don’t live in Buffalo, Amy’s Place is an awesome diner with delicious, incredible, delectable vegan food. NOM.

Also, I’m glad I’m too poor to go out drinking again for a long time, I always end up eating tons of snacks and feeling guilty about it in the morning, must. work. out. Actually that reminds me…I want to try to do insanity again…..


My Pho tattoo. I love the stuff.

best food ever

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Pasta with veggie chicken & tomato cream sauce, roasted broccoli, and garlic knots.

want, you slut.

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Is it practical to eat an entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting?

Oh, I wish it was. drats

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Only $2.12!

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25 Foods You'll Never Get To Eat Again ›


More like 25 dick moves

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foods i want to make:

vegan tootsie rolls

vegan marshmallows

vegan reeses cups

those cupcakes that are made inside ice cream cones!

homemade bread

and beer cheese soup!


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