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Last night was really DELICIOUS, I ate kielbasa, pierogue,cruschiki & more. nom nom nom. SO far I got sweaters and some dresses that I picked out, ha. Today I go to both of my Grandma’s houses and get to eat more food!

Have a great day :]

I can’t wait to see the muppets movie!

Today I got started on crafting christmas presents…sigh. Tonight I made a braided headwrap & fingerless cuffs. Only 10 more gifts to make so I suppose I could have everything done by dec. 1…but I think I should make extra gifts, right? So in case anyone invites me over near xmas I can surprise them with a hat or scarf…

or maybe I should just make fudge and cheesecakes because those freeze well.

I sound like a middle aged houswife & not a 21 yr old college student.

talk to me, betches.