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knit fast, die hard.

thanks to ian.

ps. thats my thigh.

Check out what I just made!

It’s a headband made completely out of knit bows that gradually become smaller in the back, featuring one large bow in the front (or vice versa)!

It’s for sale in my Etsy store,


my life

I can’t wait to see the muppets movie!

Today I got started on crafting christmas presents…sigh. Tonight I made a braided headwrap & fingerless cuffs. Only 10 more gifts to make so I suppose I could have everything done by dec. 1…but I think I should make extra gifts, right? So in case anyone invites me over near xmas I can surprise them with a hat or scarf…

or maybe I should just make fudge and cheesecakes because those freeze well.

I sound like a middle aged houswife & not a 21 yr old college student.

talk to me, betches.

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